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letra de the end - pathological waste


walking through this dissonant chamber
blood spilling from the sacrifices made
in these darkest times
organisms spewing out of putrefied scum
contorted and reborn
to what was once a man
to become a mortifying
devil-like son

when will it come
when will it claim another
when will it come
taken to this torturous hollow
blistered be the skin from the fires of the chamber of the one true creator
the one who crafted a rotting embodiment of soul-quenching takers

this motion
this disease
it created a sickness

an unstoppable plague of waste and decay
when will it stop

as this monstrosity takes reign

my desire
to exterminate all forms of wretched life
these pigs deserve nothing but the end of life and eternal pain and suffering
now i am all-seeing and the harbinger of death
i have dismembered every last living breathing piece of mess
no one will escape my wrath

this is the end of all that was sacred
never to be born into this fetid world again
now i have my way, nothing will survive but the rotten entrails of the pigs that once ruled this earth

extinguished like a flame
the ash turned black
frozen in time like stone
left behind forgotten in the pages of time
never to be seen again, until the seed is planted once more