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letra de farewell - pasto flocco


lyrics from snippets

surfgang, b-tch
ayo, j6, turn that up

[verse 1: pasto flocco]
b-tch, i’m strapped up
i been fiendin’ for n-ggas to act up
said he want smoke, finna trigger his asthma
my nina a thot, she gon’ bust some
dissing the a, you a dumb-dumb
if he d-ck-riding, give him a thumbs up
he said that he street, we gon’ k!ll some
dissin’ my squad, we gon’ come for your loved ones
get with a b, b-tch, i’m fiendin’ to drill some
throw up the a, make her pants drop
she get h-rny with the drip, ah
percocet make that b-tch sit down
i got money, they all on my d-ck now
told ’em sit down, how the f-ck i’ma feel now

[bridge: pasto flocco]
(he ain’t legit, that boy a fraud
like, ho turned ’round with two bad b-tches
and they wan’ sit on my c-ck)
[verse 2: pasto flocco & lil tecca]
give her a xanny and pour her some lean
she up and now finna fall
i know that lil’ baby so dumb
in the function with the drum
walked in, margiela, ysl
big ol’ diamonds, put it on a scale
just got the pack, brought it through the mail
thought you was up, n-gga, that’s a fail
getting green, n-gga, this ain’t kale
n-gga, you sus’, l
i got off-white, no mayo
trust issues, draco
i got the piece, n-gga, like lego’s
beats on youtube, yung tago
he talkin’ hot, tell that boy to lay low
v in the middle, n-gga, no ovo
i took an la b-tch to the poker nose
i feel like a jedi, yung kayo
i’m at the top, n-gga, like some [?]
got a b-tch wet, now she need a raincoat
only want one night like lil boat
in the b-tch mouth, n-gga, like some mentos
i bust in her mouth, she be like, “that’s gross”
i’m rockin’ lacoste while i’m on the east coast
i feel like i’m future, b-tch, i’m goin’ beast mode
[verse 3: pasto flocco]
i’m goin’ ham, i can tell by the way she deep throat
jimmy choo, i don’t f-ck with a cheap-o
commas, b-tch, i need more
i be like d-mn, she tried to be my baby like i’m bieber
i had to dead that lil’ b-tch, i can’t keep her
the big boy plays, that b-tch is an eater
she seen the baby bottles
she like, “pasto, my n-gga just poured up a liter”
she [?]
presidentials on the [?]