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letra de call me right now - parvicx


don’t speak
don’t say nothing
i’ll call you when i get back
you’re saying that you love me
i’m telling that it’s lie
i need to find my feelings
let’s lie all night
under the moon, under planets
you shine like a star

call me a lover, call me dear
i like it so much
when you say these words
i’m just losing my mind
i remember everything what i’ve promised you that night
i could never tell a lie
i could never make you hurt

over and over and over and over again
we are filling with love
so it’s just a stupid game
in the morning you will leave me
i hate to feel alone
but i can’t live without it
it’s just a miracle

your underwear is lying on the floor
in my veins there alcohol
time is frozen
our bodies didn’t get cold
i am a sea of gentleness
i am a ocean of things
the price for this is nothing
you’re just laughing about it

i can’t feel f-cking breathe
i hate your charming smell
i wanna taste your lips
tell me what the f-cking h-ll
but come on just one time to me
i promise you will be fine
we fit together like a perfect match
don’t k!ll your love
and if you carry on this way
the worst that i can say
take me away from this place
take me away from reality
but one of us is starting to detach
i catching myself on you
when both of our hearts collide
i’ll wish you a long goodnight