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letra de 09 sol - parsley


[prod. parsley]

[verse 1: parsley]

i’ve been actin’ like a fool (aye)
satan brought some new dance shoes (aye)
a n-gga used to fritter
f-ck with b-tches over twitter
wasn’t thinkin’ bout my future
just was fixin’ clout and humor
a mattered life’s a sadder life and that’s what i was taught
when you’re already talented education can rot
but my parents never told me it was always my peers
tryna get me f-cked up ’cause like f-ck my career
all the drank and the drugs that are allowed to us
that’s the only priority ’cause i’m so outta luck
so i go out and f-ck
and do some rowdy stuff
just kiddin’ that’s a lie i’m grounded
but i’m bound to run out of bounds life’s ruff
but the crown is the sh-t that i’m down to touch
but if i don’t listen to the wiser
life won’t get any nicer
imma f-ck up but i’m a fighter
imma rise up n-gga
imma fight up n-gga
imma win for sure dogg
once the swords cross
i wanna be the big yolk
the reason why you light that cig bro
one the famous rich folk
the bed post to your big toe

[verse 2: double o]

it’s double o
you don’t know my name but soon you will though
right now i’m making no noise, like i tip toe
you still sleep on me, like a pillow
but my time is comin’ i’m gon’ shine like a disco
rewind the b-tton just to find what you missed bro
i’m just a kid with something to prove
with nothin’ to lose
waitin to blow like a fuse
a bomb you cannot defuse
there’s nothin’ you can do
to make me lose
some of you faker than payless shoes
you pay for views
buy likes and you buy reviews
and you lyin’ too
you gotta open your eyes
and realize the real lies in front of you
recognize the truth
that n0body rockin’ with you
when people you around ain’t n0body flockin’ to you
that’s the truth foo

[verse 3: parsley]

actin’ like you the sh-t like what got into you
fake as f-ck spreadin’ rumors i just call it the news
you miss me you hate me now you got me confused
being petty as f-ck n0body talkin’ to you
your luck’s just a good amount of dust
in the wind ’cause you’re just so outta luck
get your sh-t, get your sh-t together
’cause your fantasy world ain’t the world that you livin’ in
get out of your l-st box that you simpin’ in
stop braggin’ bout the b-tches you f-cked in your wip
f-cked up with your homies
wishin’ you can press ctrl z
so selfish you wanna change your past ’cause you’re lonely

[outro: parsley]

livin’ life as a freeboy we ain’t close to free
livin’ life not knowing what we’re supposed to be