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letra de 02 snowed - parsley


this the only snow that comes to san diego
i would trip cuz of the forts the kids would make tho
so happy even inside i could see rainbows
i don’t even know if it’s right to be laidlow
trippin, off of the shit i don’t tell friends about
rather go to h-ll than think about tellin anyone
that i had a snowball fight like i was 7 years old
don’t wanna tell my mom that i have a broken nose
cuz i stole the kids snow
open up my window
sniff the morning breeze but not just a little
i don’t make hills i make mountains
climb that shit up so many times it’s countless
all the sudden i’m optimistic not giving f-cks bout my surroundings without it
i would cry and get knocked out on my couch and
wake up cuz i got slapped by momma now i’m grounded
like woah i’m scrambling
went from exercising and music to snorting c-ke and being p-ssionless
now people take me for a joke now
i’ll never follow my dreams and there’s no doubt
i’ll never be the king i keep being snowed out