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letra de 29 - papatherapper


well, i always imagined myself at a nice university
where i could entertain and sing a ditty
but here i am left in the benefits line

now i once liked double-u ay and i loved my time there
did my best to work and care
but that all came to an end when they gave me a 29

well they must have thought that it was quite a joke
to watch my life burn and see me broke
guess i have to turn to a life of crime

went around the rough, cold streets
jumped over counters just to get some meat
i tell ya, life ain’t easy when you’re predicted 29

i had to toughen up, had to learn to buck
as my heart got colder, i had to learn to shoulder
what it meant to do my time

i knew i’d need to go to that road again
but for- for now, i was too tired, lodged at an inn
thought i must get a little trim

walked in and said h-llo to pc singh
felt the chill as i waved at ol’ jinping
there was that dirty, foul dog that predicted me 29

i knew that snake from his computer
walking around like a mangy neuter
i knew that mug in his evil eye

he was grizzly and fat and that was that
tapped him over the shoulder and i said:

“my name is 29
hope you’re fine
now you’re gonna die.”

yeah, that’s what i told him

i did the shuffle and clubbed him on the head
threw my spinning kick and he went down
but as a trick, matless knocked me down with a cookie

i busted a chair right across their t–th
cursed him as we crashed through the wall and into the street
it seems the beef, was finally beefed

i stood up to shoot him stiff
they started laughing and me, i was miffed
looked to tell me something

they said “son, we knew the 29 would motivate you
make you work harder and in the end, it was worth it
even if we’d be a martyr. with these grades, you gotta get tough or die.”

yeah, what do i do? what could i do?
i got all choked up, stabbed them, their liver shut
and came away with a different point of view

you know, when i think about it, now and then
if i were them, what would i predict and in fact
i think i’d predict… 30 or 31, anything but 29!