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letra de 12am at newvic - pane (skyline)


[verse 1]
12am near the skyline, in a room thats black
i can’t even run to the summerset
im stressed, i might not come back
its just one of them nights
one of them days where my face is flat
where my heart is hard, and my face is heavy
where i dont want no-one near me
i think about mum and dad
everything they had
everything mums been through
my sis, rachel, hope
everything theyve seen too
remember rachel ran down the stairs
tryna help mum from the floor
i was young but i know what i saw
when rita went thru the gl-ss
and the rest we all had to think fast
faith took the lead, she controlled
i miss her heart so much
but its like its too late
overseas, i will never get that time back
you were going thru x and y
but me i got caught on the pavement

i think about jeremiah
put on the straight and narrow, hope
he won’t ever run round the city’s sea
looking for a fish in the ocean
me, i would run round the cemeteries
with my eyes all swollen
coz i’d fight with myself you see
i could not cope
we were in that place because of me
and it hurt my soul
so 12am in the skyline
i think about trapzy too

i think about where im gonna be
if this music don’t go thru
lifes been hard you see
my minds felt so much

[verse 2]
i think about my relationship
what i couldve done differently
that i find it hard to be soft
coz look at what happened before
me and charles were sittin down
he was like jo change
get your road self
show her you ain’t no fool
women pounce on softness
it makes her ego feel cool
i kno you tried to play this right,l
but this ain’t beverley hills
get your old self
the jo that would give me frills
jo when veli got k!lled
jo when omar ran to the hill

man its 12am near the skyline
in a room thats black
while my mind is dizzy, blurry
replayin events so clear
come a long way
from runnin round in despair

i see a future
suttin i ain’t seen for years,”
but at the same time
i have a past of tears
i’m juggling the past and the present
i guess thats why
i fall at the place where day meets night, 12am, (x2)