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letra de a gentle art / intro to can you hear me? (live on citr, 9-18-2008) - paint


[verse 1]

who are we? a gentle art
feathering a deck of cards
who are you without me?
and who am i supposed to be?
who are we but what we are?
fl!ckering like burning stars
who are you without me
and who am i supposed to be
whenever we’re apart?

[verse 2]

here we stand, where we stay
in an unfamiliar place
here with all that i never sought
here are all the things i’ve…

[chorus 1]

such a gеntle art

[verse 3]
who are you now that i am gone?
havе you learned to be someone
never weak, seldom strong
tell me that you’ll carry…

[chorus 2]

such a gentle art


a gentle art
a gentle art


everything has fallen apart
should have known it right from the start
only had one hand on your heart
everything you do it my…

[chorus 3]

such a gentle art
such a gentle art
as i tear your heart apart

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