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letra de square - miss u die - p


miss u die

i dey miss you die
i dey beg you
make you try to understand
there’s no one like you
and i wonder why
why it is any time i dey with another person
i dey think about you
now i realise
i dey think about you everyday
i truly no get anything to say
i really think i’m going insane

[verse 1]
i never know that you are so beautiful
and incredible
when i close my eyes
i see your picture so unbelievable
and irreplaceable

how could i let you go
let you walk out the door
girl i’m all alone
when are you coming home
i wanna know
don’t wanna let you go
make someone please
bring you back to me

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
i dey miss you die
now i done realize
i’m sorry for the heartless things i did
baby all the pains i bring
forgive me girl
i never meant to touch you
i was made to love you
and i wish i could bring you back
now, i’m on my own
i’m standing all alone
standing at that door
hoping you come back
if na this love be wetin i need
then na which kind mistake be this

[repeat hook]

[repeat chorus]

my baby girl i miss you die
don’t you know i need you back
how can i make you mine
i dey miss you die
when i hold you tight
everyday and everynight
now i done realize
that i need you back
and you know say me i no dey lie
doooh ooooh

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