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letra de 052010(freestyle) - ​the owls


[verse 1: owls]

really what’s between me and the instrumental?
nothing but sh-t that i am crushing
compet-tion nothing this sh-t that i be puffin
these jolly green giants that i love to be cutting
these n-ggas down, it is f-cking nothing
i cut thier mothaf-ckin legs
i burn that sh-t then jump up on the shoulders
cut their head cause i be getting high
high as sh-t ya dig and i’m just saying hi
how the f-ck you feel do what i did pop a pill
and chill man i swear it like i got a thousand gills
so i’m swimming over mountains like flying over hills
and all that i want is a f-cking billion bills
that way one day i can have a f-ckin building built
and some say i’m too calm but i just think that i’m too real
and i really dont give a f-ck how any b-tch n-gga feels
i plan to take over the world if i get another bill
with my middle fingers up until the day my face is wrinkled
i want big faces you would think i’m talking pringles