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letra de war cry – ​ipλttheoracle


verse 1
red bone, red queen
hitting n-gg-s with the red beams
wettin’ n-gg-s up, with red seams
turn ’em into walking dead fiends
drool at the mouth, wipe your lip every last drop out turnip
body sn-tcher, snacker for the sn-tcher
snicker n-gg-, just a empty wrapper
spell bound by the booty clapper
sunken place, boy get out the snapper
finger snapping, servant, do my bidding
woke n-gg-s like, “you must be kidding!”
f-ck outta here, bounce kangaroo style
billy goat, -ss gr-ss chew, cow
got a donk, att-tude too foul
chickenhead, get to stepping “ooh child”
i’ma see wus up wit water boy
tackle legion leagues, what a joy
aquaman sounds like a plan
justice scales is the reckoning
pendulum swinging my way
we took the high road, the highway
the meeks saying, “this’s my day!” &
god said it, so you gotta (gah) play
‘yoncé said, “i slay”
them dragons coming down from high caves
fire breathing, spitting hot flames
i heard they ain’t even got names
calculate ’em, need a calculator
computer qubits, data aggregator
compile all ‘a n-gg-‘s dna
& then project the image with the image maker
i’m still screaming, “n-gg-, it’s a fake(uh)
hear me, you are the originator
he still going to the fiery lake(uh)
like a magic johnson p-ssing with the gonorrhea.”

it’s the war cry (8x)

verse 2
terminator x trailer, skynets
cover up the sky, gotta ask why
fear of a what? fear of a what?
griff sniff a lil fear of a what?
year ‘a the dog, gear up for what?
got a ear to hear, hear ye us
we da prophets, gonna profit, blockchain
blackcoin off da leash, off chain
dollar got enough hi octane
crash into n-gg-s’ high esteem
black pride, if you ain’t for the ride
“get out” girlie man, b-tch bye
we looking for the semper fi
“ooh-ra”, devil dog war cry
dark man x, ruff ride ready
got both sides, malcolm & eddie
nicolette chew ’em up, spit ’em out
no matchin’ black love in the house
fresh prince of the air, rich n-gg-
heir to the throne; watch jigga, jigga
crown me king, f-ck all ‘a chatter
royal bloodline, family matter
living single ain’t gon work no mo’
a different world coming; oh there she blows
marvin, martin, martians; oh, the smart guys
sista, sista won’t you be my wives
ain’t no other chick fit for the role
gimme living colour chicks with soul

it’s the war cry (24x)

written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, & produced by ipλttheoracle

© mmxviii peysonic music, llc