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letra de crash n' burn - outlandish


“crash n’ burn”

you know these people they think we got the solution for everything out there you know,
like we can walk on water
we’re just human, man…

you are now
officially turned into the critically acclaimed
so expect the unexpected
or watch your dreams come down
to crash and burn
cause when they’re not for free
you only feel, let down, let down
so don’t you, make a sound
cause then they make you accountable
for every word that you utter from the gutter
like the priceless outland
hold a crown
“but akhi, you know music is the devil’s work”
“plus when lenny gonna convert? ”
“how do you make it work? ”
“two muslims, one christian? ”
“and why wouldn’t you put ’em all work fi sabeel allah? ”
d-mn, i am not the way i’m often spoken about
so don’t u dare try to put words in my mouth
just like you’re putting selfmade artificial facts about me in your head
see i never said that i care, was that prepared
see all i did was to spit my heart out
remember that next time u try to make me a part of your world
cause then your dreams come down crach n burn!

do you wanna know a thing or two of how, of how to frame a young hustla like me
as we talkin before a while
you can call me this, you can call me that, u call me this, u can call me that!
u can call me whatever!
is it ok if i do it myself?

[lenny’s part]


ain’t no islamist or date merchant
don’t try to hate on me for so searching
even though i’m not from china i’m a go do ma thing
study the shaolin screaming free to death high …
don’t live in a tent n keep my wife in it all day.
for the record, knew who she was before we got married ok?

in my closet i have more than just robes and sandals
never ever rode a camel
expect when i went to the pilgrim
and i got hustle
ate a “falafel” i crumbled
d-mn food, what a gamble.
no i don’t think you’re an infidel
you should know that by now
i ain’t gonna tell shhhhshh cause there is nothing to tell
mid-terms comin’ up i look out the window like malcolm
tell the feds stop tappin’ my phone son
give me some peace of mind and i’ll go back to my country
the only problem is that i’m already in it, g!