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letra de speak on it - ots (only the silvas)


piero this sh-t crazy
man paolo k!lled this sh-t

[verse 1: ots piero]
b-tch said she wants me on her knees but she is not a preacher
you a fan b-tch you yell my name when you at the bleachers
lil b-tch tell me not to cheat but she is not a teacher
man this beat too hard think i’m finna break a speaker
b-tch i cheated three years ago, and she still hurtin
hit him in the chest, broke his liver b-tch he need a surgeon
play with me i’m finna gas you up kinda like a german
b-tch i’m employed stop hating b-tch get to working
ion cheat, i just wanna try new b-tchеs
tryna mess with me, that’s the sh-t that got yo mans missing
b-tch i’m scary, i’m thе type to get yo mans sh-ttin
at your grave you know me my homies been p-ssing
b-tch i’m never lacking always carry twin uzis
b-tch don’t wanna f-ck privately she wanna make a movie
ima shoot this place up like its call of duty
12 ain’t catch me sleeping i ain’t never finna go to juvy

[verse 2: 1deezy]
b-tch you hopping in the whip boutta sell the road
got a k on my lap boutta drop them 4s
got yo phone tapped boy you gotta speak in code
all shots from this k man he bapped the load
bought a k with a band call that fast mags
like a b-tch we caught you cheating man we on yo ass
b-tch we running up the streets this could be your last
all he wanted was some smoke now that n-gga ash
man you know what we did ain’t gotta speak on it
man you know what we did ain’t gotta trip on it
man he already dead ain’t gotta spin on it
pull up to the n-gga grave take a sh-t on it
red dot and a laser peeled his scalp back
got you n-ggas spraying laps with this compact
man we had to double back when we lost that
this choppa leave his head red like a trump hat
[verse 3: ots piero]
aye, b-tch you know it’s me
boy i know you fat as h-ll you want a number three
curb stomp a b-tch boy i feel like draymond green
scammed a lil white boy for a pack of weed
ain’t losing balance b-tch, i stay ten toes down
even when i sleep, ion never put that choppa down
i ain’t nle, but you know i’m tryna walk em down
hit him with the choppa kobe bryant b-tch i shot em down
b-tch, this that theme song
tryna rob a boy i got black jeans on
b-tch i’m coming up, ion know what he’s on
b-tch i’m sleep, yeah you know i got my z’s on
perky with the lean got my fly like the kid from up
b-tch i ain’t sweet like jolly ranchers put it in my cup
b-tch i’m a starter ion think you’ll ever make the cut
b-tch you a fan you come to me and then you say what’s up
aye, shoutout deezy
feeling like the 96 bulls cuz i’m gonna three-peat
slap the b-tch for being dumb feel like chris breezy
shoutout to mateo but that b-tch ain’t ever gonna see me
she be tryna flirt i said b-tch just give me head
keep on tryna play and on my life you gon drop dead
still got my z’s on think i’m boutta go to bed
perky got him looking kinda stupid he look really sped
i be winning chips doing nothing like i’m weatherspoon
why you tryna diss like i ain’t way ahead of you
b-tch acting tough like he ain’t softer than a feather do
luka doncic you know how the double seven do
b-tch ima keep on eating like this the last supper
ots ain’t going down b-tch you know we going upper
boy you know you fat look down you got a lot of flubber
b-tch those ain’t real bullets you know that it’s made of rubber
made a song with deezy you know that i put him on the map
b-tch tryna play but he don’t know that i got a strap
cum inside her mouth with good aim hit between her gap
talk about your money we don’t listen cuz we know it’s cap
b-tch give me head for no reason it was for the free
b-tch you a hoe you spent your time just tryna suck a wee
no you ain’t him you a b-tch yo pr-nouns her/she
sh-tting on you hoes this ain’t number two this number three
call of duty in this b-tch, b-tch i’m on a k!lling spree
playing on the jets the way my body filled with h-lla green
no i’m not a rat, but you know ots is pushing p
mess with me i’ll cut you like an orange you from tennessee
b-tch give me head nah, i just want a kiss
go up to your grave and the only thing i do is p-ss
call you zaya wade you ain’t lil bro you lil sis
jordan poole the way you shoot your shot, and you always miss

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