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letra de jellyfish jam - ots (only the silvas)


man paolo k!lled this sh-t

[verse 1: glofromillinois]
all this green on me might as well be the flying dutchman
me and gang in the room know that we up to something
whole room high off contact we step in the function
if we up it we gon shoot we ain’t really into bluffing
scam you for a dollar mr. krabs i’m getting to the pape
never wasting money you won’t see me in no bathing ape
high as h-ll in the air mermaid man i’ll wear the cape
n-ggas talking goofy you a goober in your dna
when we shoot we don’t miss have you screaming out (my leg!)
like my first name sauce f-ck around and take you out the play
i can’t hang with y’all just like rudy man these n-ggas g-y
i’ll f-ck around strike you down king neptune
all this gucci on me like my last name fancysome
first name squilliam or t.i. oh you fancy huh
sandy cool as h-ll oh you think that you gary huh
that’s besides the point you must think that you scary huh
ate a bowl of nails for breakfast it ain’t have no milk in it
salty spitoon i’m the toughest n-gga in the room
never take my mask off n-ggas think i’m mf doom
i’m not with the funny sh-t no this ain’t no cartoon
i’m with yo b-tch and her sh-t smell like the chum bucket
i just want the neck cuz ain’t no way that i’m f-ckin
disrespectful sh-t know that i love it
run up on me please don’t cuz i tuck it
if this man ray up i’m not bluffing
if it’s untucked just know my sh-t thumbing
i scammed yo granny yesterday for 6 nuggets
unky in the back whippin white with planktons cousin
[verse 2: ots piero]
i got too much drip on me it could fit in goo lagoon
when i’m in bikini bottom know i feel like flight in june
pull up to your house know we gonna make it go boom
brodie’s trippin like i dropped bananas in a cartoon
tryna play with us we gonna send you to bikini bottom
always summer we too hot it’s never gonna turn to autumn
call up the bikini bottom cops cuz you know we caught em
unky said i won’t bring my gang so you know i brought em
ion need a strap cuz i got muscles like i’m larry lobster
brodie tryna beef with me he gonna go back to his father
call me tyler herro dropping 30 but i ain’t a starter
unky got a b-n-r but you know my music way harder
unky off perc he looking stupid like he doodle bob
they be calling me a level hundred big boss
showing me your music it’s so bad it got me p-ssed off
never getting married got no rings feel like chris paul
brodie said ion got a strap its like squidward’s nose
unky tryna beef with me i pulled up then his whole team froze
play with me i’ll leave you injured they gon call you derrick rose
you know that my music’s fire like you just turned on the stove
know i always keep it 100 like wilt chamberlain
brodie’s tryna buy a car but he don’t know what lane he in
unky thinking ion got a strap you know i bring it in
brodie said ion got a chain you know my chain is big
yeah you know i got my bread up like a toaster’s finished
ion need to shoot my shot i feel like ben simmons
unky tryna fight me but he knows that is the wrong decision
brodie dropping music but he know that no one wanna listen
perky got me higher than a maverick stojaković
unky always tryna pop a perc he always off of it
when you hear us rapping on the beat we never stopping it
son, we’re looking for the maniac

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