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letra de stincs run la remix - otm



talk to me n-gga who want rump with me?
heard he want some smoke, we gon go see wussap with him
pull a double drum ,he ain’t never seen a hundiddy
riding foreign ,got shanaynay in the front with me
what he say put the blues in his duffle
i got 9 hundiddies in a bundle, i got pippy long stalking with me too
free throw get him whacked, he got blew up out his boots
i got 5 new opps on my list
swiss cheese is whip ,this a glock with a switch
we can’t hang if you not with the sh-ts
all pops on my knots ,we on top toading sticks
n-gga talk to me, ask about la yea the stincs run it
think bout it, make the wrong move get his head splattered
competition yea i bеt you we gon see bout it
more opps, we bought biggеr guns, fight still don’t matter
i bought a soul sn-tcher, tell em come holler at us
we outside every day, if n-ggas mad or something
i get a n-gga whacked ,its sunday morning easy gang n em with me
pouring mud just tour down neimans
where sue yung at? im finna bop bop bleed her
long talks with the devil i fist fought jesus
two drums double d she inlove with your cleavage
riding round with mop sticks im constantly cleaning
we have him running out the block whining and screaming
drakeo onmy ear everyday i walk with the ripper
hed his crip sticked up we here for the payment
if it dont come with no uchies i dont need no relations
if he dont put you on no money that is not your friend
i lost control with the k that opp is no longer
ptsd i get to trippin off sudden movements
this chop got add is bound to go stupid
so how wanna do it? show me what you want n-gga
stincs run the city, disagree imma chalkzone him
i was laughing at his gun, it was a bit funny
2 greedy stincs flu flamming ain’t no big homies
pole dancer make that sh-t quick, n-gga strip for it
true shot caller i still get my hands dirty
i got lazy off the mud and fell asleep on it
someboys baby mama, i dont care b-tch keep sucking
you need my time it ain’t free, i need a free froze
its hot in h-lls kitchen ,crack the stove on heat sparking
heavy autilary ,you sure you wanna beef with us?
stincs run the city ,keep it real is you serious?
drakeo the ruler

talking to the thugs if its war
slither with the snakes i got 5 mops in the jungle
handing out extensions if you want a hunnid
i got 9 hundiddies in a bundle, let a n-gga miss pay me, we on his bumper
catch you on a camelback imma cross you
i on narcobeat cause that’s nothing
let it burn if it singing like usher, i got 5 model b-tches in a foreign