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letra de the brain from planet x - original cast of the brain from planet x


you will quake with fear, you will shake with fright
when the tale is told of that fateful night
twenty million miles to earth they traveled
and not to just say h-llo

no, they had a plan, and their plan was clear
yes, they had a purpose for being here
when they came from their forbidden planet
their plan? it started to grow

it’s the brain from planet x
it’s invasion: usa
it’s the fiend without a face
the enemy from sp-ce
the way the earth stood still that day

it’s the brain from planеt x
and it came from outer sp-ce
it’s thе plan that they are hatching
bodies they are sn-tching
what they’re gonna do to conquer
the human race

people of earth, beware this warning
when you wake up tomorrow morning
you’re in for a big surprise
you will not believe your eyes
so keep watching the skies!
when the saucers land and when worlds collide
then the earth is in for a bumpy ride
giant ants and shrinking men—forget ’em
when x the unknown’s unfurled

so beware my friends, they are on their way
they are coming here and it’s time to pray
will the earth survive the thing that’s coming
the thing from another world?

it’s the brain from planet x
will its evil plan give birth?
well, we’d best be at the ready
stalwart, strong and steady
to defend this island earth

it’s the brain from planet x
it’s the creatures from the sky
and you’ll wish it was a dream when
people start to scream, when
horror rules the day and people begin to die
because of the brain
because of the brain
because of the brain
the brain from planet x!

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