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letra de the final punishment time - original cast of hope despair musical


(junko enoshima)
never before have i felt such despair
i’m finally free from that silly old bear
i guess you could say
that you won out today
but what will await you
when you finally escape?

a world that is broken
a planet in snair
there isn’t a future for somebody out there
you still have your hope
and isn’t that cute?
my view down in h-ll
is sure to be a hoot!

i wonder what your friends would say
if they were all still here
would journaling outside still be greeted with a cheer?
and if you choose to live now
do you think that you’d rejoice?
or think that you’ll live long enough
that you’ll regret the choice?

people of the world
if you are watching your tv screens
this is my finale
let me tell you all just you what that means
this world will outlive me
three cheers for despair
i’m getting excited
no more waiting folks, let’s f-cking do this!

punishment time!
punishment time!
here’s to hoping this one’s full of carnige and grime
just look at your faces
so wide open and dumb
look how exciting
here i come!

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