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letra de valley of the locust - orgone tdm


the world’s story is a palimpsest:
an array of undistilled, unfiltered, kaleidoscopic monologues
layered and congealed –
despicability and courage intermingled
spanning infinite volumes
in an unavoidable parable

a confrontation with absolute realism
that concludes with neither
a thirst for utopia
nor misanthropic flailing
but a willful receipt of the mantle of consciousness
a lucid absorption of each season of existence
willful transm-tation

while in
the valley of the locust
eager to convey and shine
in a gutless, satirical pilot
the fifth-rate auditioners
summon cultural offal
that’s doomed to obscurity
trading stabs in a feud with
inevitable obsolescence
posing coyly on the gangway
exhibitionist runts
with tailored mystiques
defiling the peaks
of creative endeavor
self-aggrandized, networked
to a hollow apex
bejeweled in trinitite
premiered at the gala
of human folly
each pathological lackey
kneels only at the feet
of fellow counterfeit magi
fellow propagandists
fellow adept peddlers of diluted catharsis
je lepšie zarobiť menej spevom, ako zarobiť viac potichu, len počuť zvonenie mincí

[translation: “it’s better to earn less singing than to earn more in silence, just to hear the coins ringing.”]

immured within this absurdist maze
where “lies are made into a universal system”
the true work’s inconspicuous
unassumingly tenacious as water
eroding ozymandian monoliths
a samizdat outpouring of candor at the risk of death
flares of solidarity across time
immortal; spared extinction

letras aleatórias