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letra de bank account anxiety - oozing wound


bank account anxiety
every time i check
it’s all work, all work
it makes me really upset

now my rents rising
and i eat bullsh-t for food
i’m bad luck, bad luck
and there’s nothing to do

once i had dreams
where now it’s dollar signs
i’m f-cked, i’m f-cked
i’m miserable inside
drain on society
like a ball and chain
i’m stuck, i’m stuck
and here i go again

god it’s so f-cked

bank account anxiety
here let me count the ways
that i’m f-cked, i’m f-cked
it’s never going away

make it up and lie to me
my life until it ends
more work, morе work
oh here i go again

therе’s no future for us
so go and get all you got
there’s nothing left cause
somebody’s taken it all
god we’re so f-cked

it’s bank account anxiety