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year in review song 2016 - onemanonemic


it’s been about a year, it’s good to see you
well, we got pretty lost, we need nemo
bad things came in a lot of trios
the ones that won were the cubs and leo

well, d-mn, go ahead and get into it
pokemon go was so big for a little bit
there was a pipeline, the government tried drilling it
and musical.ly be making celebrities out of little kids

harvey messed up all of of miss universe
instagram taking what snapchat did first
a gator ate a kid at disney world
they say brock is okay after r-ping a girl?

and just like kim k, we got no icе
because it got so lit that the tеmperature rised
facebook’s news is chock-full with lies
england’s not united they broke all their ties

clowns are now frightening, there’s no more vine and then
lochte just lied to us, financial crisis
we’re still fighting isis, we got zika virus
and we’re all singing closer when the nation’s divided

there’s a divide? care to expand on it?
i heard the results and i stood like some mannequins
n ow we gotta deal with a president with a “nice” tan
d-mn, back at it with the white man
yeah they triggered like throttles
people so mad that they flippin like bottles
doesn’t like immigrants married that model
can’t think for herself so she copied obama

there must be something i am missing
it’s like evil kermit is controlling your decisions

right? people say whatever they want when they mad
the only time they cover they mouth is when they dab
n0body wanna be average, everybody wanna be a savage
then a muslim man got kicked off a plane just for speaking his language

bowie, wonka, snape and thicke
sterling, ali, palmer & prince
so many lost but the saddest thing
is when a monkey died that’s when they went ape s—



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