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letra de save the children - omari m'$


i’m somewhere downtown on my james bond

n-gga fresh but i never got the chains on

usually high so you know i got the shades on

all these b-tches getting wet when brainstorm

i wouldn’t touch them hoes you f-cking n-gga
type of hoes that take ya biz and put that sh-t on twitter

how you call that girl ya main when i was sleeping with her?

these n-ggas really sweet but they speaking bitter

seen n-ggas switch positions when they n-ggas missing

i had to go and make it happen while these n-ggas wishing

on a star, i’m a star in the solar system

line for line bar for bar we could go the distance

milly rocking through the pressure

don’t talk about the guns i keep a bible on the dresser

don’t talk about the funds you know we get it with no effort

attracting all these blessings while these n-ggas playing catch up

never doing sh-t that’s extra

them type of consequences make you end up on a stretcher

i handle sh-t like the professor

only in my 20s, but got money up in tesla

my youngin do what i do, i gotta move with purpose

never let them n-ggas come around and make you nervous

you gotta -n-lyze ya circle cause them n-ggas lurking

protect ya life by any means cause that sh-t is worth it

rest in peace to takeoff

i ain’t speak about it but it made me take a day off
we just wanna win like we balling in the playoffs

ye spoke the truth, ya went and treat him like he adolf

these n-ggas really bugging

every week a rapper dies and n-ggas acting like it’s nothing

i start to feel it in my stomach

it’s really f-cked up cause this the culture and we love it

save the children