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letra de ​​snowmageddon2022 - oliver francis


yeah, i like
yeah, woah, ayy
yeah, ayy
yeah, ayy
i like prl (woah), yeah

i like prl, not no ysl
ice cream sprinkles on the chain, i’m feelin’ like pharrell
she got them dsls, she smell some’ like chanel
i’m in the amg, skrrt off like a bat out of h-ll
i just went skiin’ in the alps
yeah, my ski mask just some ralph
in the knitted polo sweater, got white gold all in my mouth
man, i ain’t worried ’bout y’all lil’ boys, i got h-lla fans who f-ck with me
everywhere i go you, know that chryse and aj ride with me
i’m nеxt up, flexed up, smokin’ gas like tеxaco
flooded out my heart just so you know my heart ain’t never broke
i’m with it, let’s get it
take that fifty, ball and spend it
these lil’ rappers none’ but b-tches, burnout boys stay ’bout that business
we the illest, [?] gon’ k!ll it
my money hit the ceiling
i’ma get it, my percentage
hit the club, i ball like krillin
burnout goin’ up, i kept on tellin’ lil’ boy, “don’t go and press your luck”
know that burnout boys they goin’ down until the sun come up
lil’ b-tch, might bustdown the wrist
flooded out nintendo switch
y’all lil’ boys can smoke more roaches, i d-mn sure won’t pass the spliff
get the bag and pass that sh-t behind my back to aj
model b-tches gettin’ topless, man, this sh-t is crazy
handle expensive champagne, i keep this sh-t on ice
chryse’ll pour the deuce, grimer all up in the sprite
codeine-colored nikes
godd-mn, i love my life
it ain’t about who did it first, it’s ’bout who done it right, ooh

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