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letra de 088 - ogkoshi


[koshi & looxur]

couldn’t come up with a rhyme scheme
i had ogkoshi skype me
d-mn it’s really been a while b
ima go off and do my thing
i need a house on my right ring
i got a b-tch that i might bring
i am not trying to wife b, ethernet streaming i don’t need a wi-fi
thanks for helpin’ with the flow
now we ready for the show
only koshi f-ckin’ know
she know we the tightest bro
she got hepat-tis tho
should i kick her out the door?
b-tch, i’ll get the d-mn door
told you koshi f-ckin’ know
on my hustle got me stackin my queso
higher power level need a new k so
we ain’t f-ckin’ with the hoes
stupid groupie do the most
i’m with the bro and we stackin’, thick b-tch tryna f-ck automatic
i got the money material stackin’, fortnite “port-a-fort” a transaction
pistol packin’ diamonds h-ttin’ like tekken, ‘spec gadget gonna pull out the weapon, aye
koi fish food up in a cabinet
rich, critch, bill, b-tch, checkin’ out the fashion
f-ck her quick disappear like it’s magic
i need china b-tches don’t need a cabinet
money with the brother long like elastic
diamonds roarin’ on my neck like jur-ssic
young n-gg- wanna get it, wanna be up on a tour bus
bright note, all my diamonds singin’ no chorus
fake n-gg-s stay switched up metamorph-it’s
loo and i ’boutta make it far, can’t ignore us
blonde haired b-tch want the porridge
i need the green fancy wet and imported
small forward 23 i’m scorin’
rental hittin’ 88 i’m floorin’
now take me on, take me on
we been grindin’ for so long
we ain’t even drop a song, aye