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letra de an ode to futures passed - of countless minds


there’s bones in the hole
blown out by the stone
we made out of gold
to project our finesse
once self-obsessed
we threw it all away

feel the weight
on your chest
there’s a poison
in the air
judgement day
we can ride out that storm when it comes
oh, that’s what they said
never turned off our lights
it was murder!
hey! hey!
it’s our home!

that’s what we said
tried to fight it
we’ll lose in thе end
it’s hard to breathe
evеryone’s in need
forget what i said
just pretend it’s alright
it’s less complex
we all could use a break

you see?
it’s easy
you’ll live 89 if you’re lucky
the future’s out of your hands
you’re not responsible here
oh that’s how it went
then the bombs from above in the flood!
hey! it’s our home!

made of the molehill
up here

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