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letra de slumped - odiumtv


verse 1:
i had enough of all this f-ck sh-t
cause all these punk motherf-ckas got me ready just to dump clips
i’m not playing little punk b-tch
you keep on pushin’ all my b-ttons i’mma leave a n-gga slumped quick
i give no f-cks about the afterlife
i’m like that “horror fish” putting human meat up in my appetite
and you gon’ know when i catch you right
you hear your heartbeat, beating its amazing as i watch you die

verse 2:
put me in a ski mask
show up at yo spot
once the crown has been committed
then i throw away the glock
this b-tch is hot
when it pops
leavin’ holes up in your face
you can catch me on the moped then i blow ya ass away
you wanna f-ck with the baphomet?
you bound to get you hurt
i just incinerate my enemies
their destiny’s to burn
there is no hope
b-tch you smoke
put you hoes right in the ground
i’m just remembering dismembering some hoes inside my house, ay

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