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letra de 2020 - odd metrist


peace to old friends whose exit was open ended
was nothing that intended, agendas just interfered
i kept my distance antic-p-ting come closure down the road
but under current circumstances it’s hard to even conceive a future
but the gash still open; i just need a suture
so i press the wrinkles out these letters i’ve been stashing up and
read em to you
and hope it breach dеaf ears
but nothing’s gonna compensate for seeing еach other shed tears
graduation cap and gown, passing out the diplomas
exclamation mark- it’s no punctuation hanging the phone up
context of the contents still inside the jansport
perfect prom dress that never saw the dance floor

feel like the perfect chord was cut short
you so impatient. you yanked the needle, and what for?
just let the song finish. wanted one more listen
but scratches deep as incisions from tragic news, trynna patch the wounds
but what i got to hold? bandages peeling off the skin
these candlewicks is cold and it’s damage inside the coffin lid
oxygen is sp-rs-. we disperse and abandon promises
stars can see the earth. to be honest i would reverse it just to
talk again

the stars can see the earth; to be honest i would reverse it
just to watch the laughter surface and feel it saturate the silence
rejuvenation. just wanna see the wrinkles in your eyelids
i wish i would’ve meant more to you
delicate world fractures; we fill the fissures with spiritual fortitude