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letra de 1 am - nxkaio


1am in my garden
pathetic fallacy i feel darkened
so i lit it

gargoyle i might gargle before i spit it

these n-ggas elicit themselves to the common image
get squashed just to fit in
diluted to a gimmic, it’s ridiculous

in pitch black, i’m seeing like ridd-ck
visions so vivid
in the valley
where shadows are getting duppied
my people want reparations
they wanna say heavens waiting
seems like patience doesn’t deplete the cravings i’m hungry

skinny n-gga chilling in a coup
reer view mirror you can see the bloop bloop
tell the officer fi no shoot
you better come up out my face ya ya!

black for longer than you’re blue
now you wanna turn me black and blue
you think that your winning with the troops
but we gonna find our way ya ya!

skinny n-gga chillin’ with a zoot
i’m just tryna recoup
thinking if i had a civic where would i whip it
turn into super saiyan and fly cos i’m tired of tickets
no weight on my shoulders cos i’m jus calisthenics
till blueprints blossom
i’m in the garden
i’m bout my bidness
they sell us baggies of opiates so we can live it
living the fiction some don’t know the difference
jus as long they got a hole to p-ss in

i’m up in the garden
back yard we chilling la flame to marijuana
might just get lifted and do a kamikaze
i study the craft you can call me harry potter

you dun know seh de dutchy dutty
i can see through all the f-ckries
morphed with the ocular abilities of horus
borris, know know that you can board this

i’m taking it global from my garden
when i spit the sh-t get charged wit arson
we all in the wheel tryna chase the parmasan cheese
with no fees
sometimes i just have to’jus stroke my goatee
we all see from day to day
tryna find a way
are you down today
are you down to unite and pray
get down with the movement
or get downed wit the melee, ay

we still want our reparations
i feel like i’m heaven sent
so you must be a devil, satan sent you to obscure the vision
but no form of weapon used will be sufficient
stuck in the spiritual realm like its my jurisdiction
i created this in the true dimension
i’m only here to see it pop off like nuclear fission
to walk the road, and understand why i chose those decisions

skinny n-gga chilling in the garden
no shed
like christ never carried the cr-sses
all i see is cr-sses
and i look across it
they say i cannot cr-ss it
i’m puffing on the pastures

on guard i’m guarded
if you really wanna spar wid
a pract-tioner of anarchic positioning
i keep on kickin’ them till i’m martyred
it was all written up in the garden