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letra de uncivilized - nowhere roads


cast a darkness
over those that show no love for who we are
let them fall
let the karma vultures pick their bones
let them eat their words
let them fight their wars alone i won’t let them take my mind from me victims of control – break free no ambition – it’s what they want “don’t let those b-st-rds grind you down”
keeping us distracted with phony dreams beamed through a f-cking phone
draining the life from us ’til there’s nothing left of us
i’d rather die than give in
nеver let them win
should wе stay asleep?

because we’re so tired remain on our backs and give up living…come on!

the noose grows tighter around the necks of those conformed
we measure our worth by those not chosen
we measure our worth in a world uncivilized