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letra de #theyalldielittlebylittle – nobigdeal


[chorus] (x4)
you ain’t even bled your own blood
p-ssy -ss boy you a spud
tell the whole pack redrum
really done got it out the mud

[verse :]
really i was all up in the streets
really i was selling that geek
momma ain’t seen me in a week
washing my b-lls in the sink
backtrack living in a van
still f-cking rob yo man
sell more white than the clan
had go and get my bands
pull up like a f-cking black hand
check when the thing go bang
all of my bros go stupid
44s on a short bus
south side getting this love
i ain’t ever gave no f-cks
young jumpa got out the mud
got whole bag full of money for the brick on my 3rd piggy sh-t no wood
got a b-tch g-ssed she faded
p-ssing her like a hot potato
set her down that’s a now and later
mouth like a f-cking alligator
and i don’t gotta pay her
rapunzel, rapunzel i’m yanking her hair
this might be your b-tch do it look like i care
snorting this c-ke -snort- whooo !
b-tch i’m ric flair !
b-tch i’m more lit than a pyromaniac in a firework store with a flamethrower
got more c-ke than polar bear bet i had to cut it like a four wheel lawnmower
couple hit sticks in the back of the lack take a n-gg- way back that’s a leaf blower
i told the coppers to come and get me
snitch on myself when i make a k!lling
stacking up arms b-tch armageddon
all way too turnt and that’s to 11
i’m selling fake tickets into heaven
b-tch i’m the future said f-ck the present
this for my n-gg-s that really selling
this for my n-gg-s that really get it
where the white tees in the club
where the 15s for a dub
tell a bad b-tch what’s up
really no cuts
young jumpa got it out the mud

[chorus] (x4)
you ain’t even bled yo own blood
p-ssy -ss boy you a spud
tell the whole pack redrum
really done got it out the mud