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letra de avocado - noah23


eyo the worlds so f-cking cold i got a dark soul
but thats the reason that i stay strong though
throwing all these darts that are sharp as a strongbow
geppetto stromboli going hard where’s waldo
a little on the nose, going gonzo
i’m a little while over from toronto
the 23 god buckwild like a bronco
feeling like the head honcho at the rock show
we are all here today and we’re gone tomorrow
pour it on the ground and pass round the bottle
i was born in mississippi use to live in colorado
cyberpunk hippy outer sp-ce in the cosmos
mondo 2000, 23 with the gospels
from the tonsils on the consolе do it pr-nto
shout out the immortal illuminati congo
spitting flows from chicago to key largo
straight gasoline i bе flaming at the nostril
the flow so colossal the chosen apostle
its noah the novelist, the boy in the madonna
flossin’ smoking on a dinosaur fossil
on a narrow path the road n0body followed
the earths hollow its a hard fact to swallow
i wrote volumes of the poetry of sorrow
dollar bill yall, don’t beg and don’t borrow
john doe in the condo like a soprano
i guess he wasn’t really lucky as luciano
forget all the rah-rah and the bravado
you get mashed up like an avocado
serving them big bags cause i’m in bossmode
your stupid ass will get fried like falafel
i paint a picture, feeling like picasso
thinking up a motto while i’m drinking a piña colada