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letra de 253 freestyle - noah [madebynoah]


yeah one take, first take
you know, n—as always gotta call that sh-t out
yeah, alright, yeah yeah yeah

[verse 1]
too much truth all up in my world for these lying n—as
yeah, steady scheming on me, why you trying, n—a?
yeah, i just got the money i ain’t buying [?]
yeah i ride with my n—as, on the side n—a
you ain’t even running with your n—as and your lies n—a
you was focused all up on these n—as and their lies, n—a

yeah, tried in the truth (yeah)
me and all my n—as, we was sliding in the booth (yeah)
i just got a hundred thousand eyes up [?] (yeah)
shawty wanna choose (yeah)
n—as wanna talk, why these n—as wanna lose? (yeah)
i just put the c-r-e in the ‘crew’ (yeah)
n—as wanna talk that sh-t, what it do? (yeah)
i don’t even f-ck around with none you n—as (ooh, yeah)

ooh, d-mn, yeah a little man bossed up
ooh, d-mn, on the court don’t get sauced up
ooh, d-mn, got the spaghetti, the pasta
ooh, d-mn, you will let me get the rocks up

ooh, d-mn, you will let me get the cash in this b-tch (aye)
mad in this b-tch, n—a back in this b-tch (yeah)
back in this b-tch like i never left
bass on me, n—a, no treble clef
aye, hundred all on me, you know i get it, yeah
aye, hundred all on me, you know i, get it

jj like i’m red-ck (aye)
and i pull up in this b-tch, you know i’m so acidic (aye)
me and little [?] and my n—as we was with it, yeah
diamonds on me baby, in the city come and kick it, yeah

yeah, come and kick it like karate (yeah, aye)
come and come and kick it like karate (aye)
i ain’t even got no more records or no bodies, yeah

i don’t even really know no one
in the old sun, baby in the old one
i’m a young n—a, no i never hold nun
aye, i just got the cash, let me hold some
i just got the gas, let me roll one, (aye)
big ol’ bag in the [?]
f-ck around with me, you don’t know bruh, (aye)
yeah, yeah, yeah, and it’s noah
on the beat, excuse me, aye pardon me
all my n—as in this sh-t (yeah, aye)
[?] and we know we k!lling sh-t (yeah, aye)
hardly, (yeah) regardless
all my diamonds on me, look like [?]
all my diamonds on me, d-mn them b-tches flawless
n—as wanna see me, but i’m stunting so regardless
and they wanna take a f-cking chance and get [?]
aye, [?]
look at the way i’m balling, god d-mn a n—a scoring (god d-mn)

yeah, yeah focus on the bands
i am not around none of these mans, n—a you don’t understand
keep a hundred round my [?]
n—as plotting on my mans
n—as plotting on my mans

yeah, whatever