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letra de where ye from - nina hynes


where are you from?
i’m from the deepest black, if you search
you will remember a time before time before time
when we moved in the dark from the soup of being
everything was nothing

light was not yet born
and then we found each other
the cosmological accident
perhaps i dreamed of it to be
those primordial imaginates
dancing shadows at the birth of our son

where are you from?
i’m from lava i’m from lava and limestone
i’m from firе and ice
from river and valley
dеsert and joker
i’m from miles down deep
i’m from millions of years of inside of us
i’m from delicate blossom of beaming
hard rain and thunder
i’m from burning salt
with tiny grains of sand
ancient fern obviously
i’m from cave dwellings
cave dwellings
where are you from?
i’m from doraemi
yellow, blue and red
i’m from scent and perfume
belching sulfur and rose
i’m from taste, hot chili and sweet apple
sound, tragic nightingale and waterfall
i’m from touch, velvet petal and tree bark
i’m from sight, fire and sun, like stars

where are you from?
i’m from countryside and city
i’m from concrete and termed (doraemi)
pyrolyze and damper (valley moon)
and i’m from doraemi and a camera (valley moon)
i’m concrete and termed (doraemi)
i’m from the spirit and the liberties

where are you from?
i’m from ripe, juicy br–sts
sticky, soaking, l!cking between my legs
i’m from heaving, panting, bright, lighting, open, melt
and from untraceable city
i’m from i can’t get enough of your heart exploding
belly turning, autonomy, care
i could live anywhere and forever with you
i’m from nature, you breathe from
i’m from the h-ll of the dark room
i’m from the more enraging sea, the fall of pain
ebbing and flowing with each new hot, wet burnt land
i’m from blood and bone, spit and mucous
i’m from anniotic floating, enveloping, calm
i’m from violation, abuse and rape

backstreet abortions, bl–dy milk rivers, burn br–sts
i’m from burning fires, caustic tears
and bitter wails of loss of incense

where are you from?
i’m from marigan and cali, cali and gdano, madeline and ausia
i’m from the glowing ember beneath the ash
waiting for your breath
i’m from the holy realm, bubbling holes
through cement and concrete
i’m from prayer beads, ringer ringer rosy
hail holy mother

i’m from craw
tump, tump, tumpy, holding on for dear life
pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death
i am from the gospel according to she
where are you from?
i am from all that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be
i’m from the beginning, at the end
i’m from the everlasting now without end
the eternal fire that ignites all life
i’m from the inexhaustible urge to live and love

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