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letra de 2020 - nieko


it’s been one h-ll of a ride
depressing at times
the media’s spreading the lies
we letting it slide
nod our head and comply
it’s stressing my mind
lemme take em back
i’m pressing rewind
in january we saw the corpse of a man
and god it had me wondering, is it time for war with iran?
were they really plotting attacks? should we believe reporters again?
is it the truth? is it a lie?
what should i do? will i survive?
then we heard about a city in china where you ain’t safe without a mask
a deadly virus is breaking out and spreading across the map
everybody wants a doctor fast
people getting zipped up in body bags
and then kobe & his daughter pass
in that d-mn helicopter crash
it’s crazy…
britain has left the eu
while trump’s dealing with an impeachment trial cuz of power abuse
every day there’s a mountain of news
but i try to stay grounded and cool
then when covid came out of the blue
they made it sound like we bound to be doomed
every place is a ghost town
it’s fazing the globe and taking its toll
the food and toilet paper’s sold out
the economy’s about to go south
even the stock market broke down
everything’s so – shady and cold there’s gotta be more to it… no doubt
no doubt i’m sick of this face mask
and i’m kind of afraid that
we can’t find a cure
it’s like a needle in a haystack
we need a vaccine asap
we need things to change back
but we gotta face facts
ayo this is the new normal yeah and you gotta embrace that
they want us all to quarantine
the pandemic causing a horror scene
you better be careful and act accordingly
if you’re over the age of 43
people scared when they hear a big sneeze
you better back up 6 feet
covid-19 cases hit peaks
this year’s like a pitbull with a ripped leash
and i ain’t lying
but i don’t see a brake light
cuz what happened to george was a hate crime
it really cut deep like a steak knife
there was a homicide in the daylight
by a racist cop, man… so we hit the street cuz it ain’t right
and we sticking together regardless if you black, brown, yellow, red – white
and we’re gonna riot
and we’re gonna protest
and we’re gonna fight it
not gonna go rest
even if we’re tired
not gonna hold back
sick of being silent
let the world know that
not every cop’s a savior
if you commit a crime then you gotta pay up
and get locked up in a box by jailers
r.i.p breonna taylor
it’s been one h-ll of a ride
aye jesus where you at?
you must be taking a vacay