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letra de ares – nicólas soul


[verse 1]
i’m in a state of high learning
lately i’ve been observing
habits that really ain’t been working
trynna find my self in these verses
so my mental unloads
on the paper with a purpose
asking my self was it worth it?
got all girls that you wanted
but your sanity is worthless
sometimes i sit back hard
when i’m lurking
and think to myself
god d-mn this is perfect

[verse 2]
plot twist
i fell in love with the moment
i watch her eyes roll
when my fingers get to stroking
let her legs go
and she keeps that sh-t open
this the lifestyle of a young n-gg-
who been focused
been triller than all you n-gg-s
who didn’t promote it
hated the inception
of that young boy flowing
sending shots my way
my n-gg- get to smoking
i guarantee a loss
won’t be the only thing
you n-gg-s gotta cope with
f-ck that sh-t
i’m pulling explosives
rearrange your body
leg comes out
the same place
ya -ss opens
more blood streaming out
than pacific oceans
so walking past you
got me feeling like moses
red sea sh-t
got you n-gg-s seasick
i’m beasting
don’t ever cross me
rap jesus
if you ever try that sh-t
you’ll be deceasing
and they gone hear this song
when they find you -ss in pieces

[verse 3]
i swear to god
the flow is heat seeking
you don’t gotta lie
i know this sh-t is fire
not even preheated
i made a pop alb-m
and my n-gg-s said you tweaking
but there’s beauty behind my madness
shout that n-gg- weeknd
putting up hits every season
n-gg-s think cause i sing
i don’t got the heart to get even
so this gone be a harsh wake up call
for you heathens
when i drop fire on your head
and leave you defeated

[verse 4]
i’m pulling up receipts for you b-tches
i don’t give a f-ck about a billboard hit
if you ain’t spitting
far as i’m concerned
y’all my children
far as i’m concerned
i’m the giant to you midgets
talk that gun talk
like you n-gg-s mean business
well if i’m die today
then dear lord be my witness
i ain’t got the patience
to be in my feelings like a dentist
cause there’s hunger in my genes
when i’m rocking all this linen

[verse 5]
and my parents stressing me
i know they want the best for me
but i gotta be my own man
chase destiny
i know i got the talent
to change up my trajectory
but the pressure on my back
really gets to me mentally
at the same time
i know this country ain’t meant for me
i know my dark skin
makes me a target and an enemy
and all these white kids
only care about my melodies
so when the cop k!lls me
they won’t keep the same energy

[verse 6]
f-ck it
i’m done talking
i’m really on my producing sh-t
i’m feeling more malcom
and less like a martin luther nick
feeling like death is coming soon
i’m getting used to it
i just pray i really make waves with this music sh-t
gah d-mn
do you feel me
i vowed to be the cleanest on mic
this sh-t filthy
i vowed to reincarnate my demons
fo’ they k!ll me
and she gone lick my lolli
when a n-gg- make a milli