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letra de bernie & phyl's - nick shea


my accomplishments not the one of a slouch
you don’t get like this just sitting on the couch
when you see me in your city, you know what i’m about
i’ma need full price, i am not discount
i feel so fresh in these slipstream sneakers
just keep going, i’m a big dream seeker
top shelf with it, nothing less suffice
i could do this in my sleep cuz i’m just that nice
i’m a east coast staple, like bernie and phyl’s
all the way west coast, they heard of the sk!ll
all over the world, they been searching my grill
like i’m too good to be true, but i’m perfectly real
i got range likе armoires to sectionals
style so strangе, an odd bar professional
never stopped, i’ma do it all my life
the reviews just in – (that’s nice)