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letra de santa monica - nick faulconer


headlights in paradise
pretty people and flashing signs
cigarette smoke and people in the lime
everyone’s trying too hard

focus on the details
you’ll see some starving people
here and there
everyone’s trying find it

in santa monica
in santa monica

everyone’s a winner
till you lose a finger cos you made too many bets
where you placed an arm and a leg

at least they didn’t peg you down
i guess that sounds kinda funny now
i hope you figure it out

in santa monica
in santa monica

an evening in september with you
became a night alone in june
time goes by and i still think of you

you’re living in a hollywood dream
you bought in all the make believe
now i’m just a boy in one of your songs
but it’s you who led me wrong
yeah it’s you led me wrong

santa monica
santa monica