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23:11 (interlude) - nezzy official


[verse 1: nezzy]

been a long time since i shed a tear
think i need to take a walk get my head clear
i just need to be alone wit a pair of headphones
but when i come home we can clean up this mess dear
solitude is the best cure
i see angel numbers everywhere
they remind me of you
mind full of doom but my heart is in a better place
ill provide you with a safe sp-ce where no judgement exist
lost in the mix
done every drug but ive never felt high like this
working that graveyard in the studio every night
when its dark ill shed light
like 23:11 on military time
just a blessing in disguise
i can see forever when i look into them emerald eyes
together we can improvise
i apologize for the hard days & the heartaches
i just wanna say im sorry
im insensitive, i love you and i know im not the best at expressing it
excuse these nesbit genes
dont be scared just spread those wings
when the waves get rough, we’ll keep floating
i promise ill never let this boat sink



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