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letra de long shot - newton faulkner


long shot

it’s all there underneath,
everything we’ll ever need,
you and i.
look aroung and you will see,
broken minds and shattered dreams,
wasted time.
but i don’t mind loosing sleep,
squeezing through the cracks between,
day and night.

it’s such a long shot,
everything that we’ve got,
just living on this rock,
surrounded by the sea.
with our shoes off,
balancing on rooftops,
you put your faith in preachers,
i put my faith in me.

given time we could’ve seen,
all the things he could’ve been,
if he’d tried.
but he settled for the english dream,
lived in mediocraty,
stood in line.
but that’s not enough for me,
i wil kick and i will scream,
tell you why.


i don’t wanna waste your time
i don’t wanna waste your time

[chorus x2]

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