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letra de why worry - newsong


“why worry”

one little circ-mstance
suddenly i’m in a trance
and i’m thinking ‘bout
everything that’s going wrong
on the surface all is well
as far as anyone can tell
but inside i know
i’m barely hanging on
oh, but i am not alone

cause god is my father
and he really loves me
and he’s right here waiting
whenever i call
and there’s nothing i’ll remember
that he has forgotten
so, why should i worry?
why should i worry at all?

some days i do just fine
some days i lose my mind
but through it all
i know i’m in his hands
sometimes this life can be
just one big mystery
but i’m learnin’ i don’t have to understand
so i’ll just keep walking tall


i pray for wisdom for today
and strength to face tomorrow
i walk with hope along the way
cause he’ll never let me go
he’ll never let me go


why should i worry?
why should i worry?
why should i worry, at all?