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letra de 0 to 100 - new eraa


[verse 1: new eraa]

my rap battle ended real quick
administration shut it down real sh-t
that ain’t stop thought, nt even a little bit
even the prinicpal like d-mn you need to chill sh-t
all facts im all that no kell n-gga
if not then what you call that, tell me n-gga
theres no price for my soul you can sell m n-gga
not even the fame f-ck that go to h-ll my n-gga
i’d rather be the realest and n0body knows it
then a d-mn fraud who sold his soul to become star
look into the mirror every morning dont know who you are
trynna be a prince left simba left you with a scar
and its non refundable too
you try to take it back the devil making fun of you dude
plus the all seeing eye is 20/20 vision
but ill never let illuminati catch my soul slipping
these wannabes claiming they did time from gripping steel
knowing d-mn well the only life they got is twitter jail
no literally your 25 and on twitter still
no peace prize but i hope you get no bale
(ha) thats that internet incacerating
since day 1 i been a threat my heart is breaking
cause its been 10 years and i ain’t on
thats word to my dad 20 years thats pretty long
but we ain’t give up, we just motivate each other honestly he like my big brother
with that in mind i just gotta get this belt
ill do it for my dad and do it for myself
i put on for long island even though they never helped
i can’t wait untill the day i can see my record sell hol up
i ain’t asking for help, my duration like canned good, itll last on them shelves
and i ain’t asking for help, my duration like canned goods, itll last them shelves
i ain’t asking for help, my duration ..
(f-ck it, you shouldve got it the first time) look
my first show them dudes hit me with a hard grill
so many dope verses i can start a drug cartel
the rap game reminding me of the crack game
f-ck a freestyle im freebasing my lyrics mane
f-ck illuminati …… freemason their spirits and
f-ck anybody who disagree when they hear it d-mn
alot of rappers at my school who be trynna make it
out of everybody im the one that they anticpated
see when it comes to the craft, i been a master
yaull n-ggas is still bachleors, thats 2 years average
on the difference thats between me and you
even though its far more i just said it for the metaphor
its obovious im way better dog
its like im daylight savings cause my time is way ahead of yaull
word to nase, j cole, and the rest of yaull
i idolize but i gotta think big
these hunger games got a n-gga catching fire f-ck a pink slip
im gonna reach you
even if im not julius, the way im making crazy bread, i can be a lil caezar
you can’t rome without mona lisa
yeah i can watch it to the top boy
before wayne had the name i been hot boy
this is where th beat stop boy