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letra de blind eye - negative frame


mannequins turn their heads, not a blind eye. this bird is ill, ash to breath dive bomb from your portrait of stars

if there’s a way, to stop through the gaps, to separate to find my place along the lines this, damaged case, tempered gaze, eliminate. from truth subtle decay their words inflate. a comforting taste

empty the spirit, alive the essence. awake the demons, deny it’s message. you wanna have control, no no no

if therе’s a way to slip through the gaps, separate find my placе along the lines this, damaged case tempered gaze eliminate. from truth subtle decay, their words inflate, don’t hesitate

you look at me and not at yourself, no ones gonna cry for you, turn away. it’s too late

perched on his wings from left to right, creature diseased, fly one last time, or fall for ever inside, fly

i am the aggressor, you play the fool ahh
a world we cannot face, neither can we hide, a world we cannot face, neither can we hide

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