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letra de 0 - 100 - ncyron x jo fingga [blur pop scenic]


…to 100 (x2)

[verse:1 ncyron]

my n-gg- mad if i dont say
we just switch to business when we done playin’
we been there when we dont claim, we been there when we dont claim
they say the worst come from north
but we south then we journey to the west?
we ain’t mingle pokers, kings in the chess
key of ‘david like my og tattooed in my chest
‘alizene, genie im rullin’ to confess’
time p-ss there’s no time that ever last
time people there’s no time they comin’ back
in my own zone they always wanna murk me?
they been on my wrist so they watch me
tables turn and n-gg- learn
on a daily basis and i’m ’bout my bread
from udg to fug
[uderground to famous undergod]
tell n-gg-s quit puttin’ money where they mouth at
ye ain’t know we started from 0 to 100


n-gg-s from the bottom straight to the top 0 to 100
(yeah, believe that)
to 100
n-gg-s from the bottom straight to the top 0 to 100

[verse:2 jo fingga]

way back the street no dey show me love
the chicks no dey come around
omo se me nni hywee wo me bank account
so you go see me then idey walk alone
n-gg- from 0 to 100
afe na ato berma ne up and runnin’
before issacci game, dapzlifestyle, blur pop scenic
eb3to map ne so no onua y3 hua amane
sake of money man fit dey walk all day without eatin’ nothin’
na y3nam ewia so 3ton graphic wob3 wie kwe3 salary
onua gyae na ahe na wob3 di de bi 3tua studio session
3ny3 nyame n’adom na odom y3n anka y3ky3n empty dust-bin
but now we gon’ ball
straight from the bottom now we on top
through the hard time, the sufferin’
the tears that we weepin’, all the strugle now its all gone

its all over (x2)
from the bottom to the top 0 to 100

[hook 2]

former days gone, bye!
we’ve been off your screens and now we on sight
commas from the sweaters day all night, we been up and we dont care
you can testify tonight


n-gg-s from the bottom straight to the top 0 to 100
(yeah, believe that)
to 100

day in one time gettin’ on, they ain’t comin’ back get on
we all gone fly stay calm, and we gon’ make our home
but we’re in our zone, we in our zone
if ye ain’t dont know
they dont know about us you, seen you as in sayin’
ye ain’t give a f-ck, and ye ain’t gon’ fall
nothin’s wrong with me and ye ain’t gon’ fall
its been my way out
time i say to a n-gg- from my day’s mayday
from a world of no sleep, n-gg-s jumpin’ streets all week for payday
been there like y’all, aimin’ high and been so low
that’s why i say we done playin’, we done playin’
we sold, girl
n-gg-s started bottom from 0 to 100
to 100