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letra de summertime in ny - nbhd nick


this is too smooth
i honestly didn’t even really want to say anything on this, but…
it’s what the people want, that’s what i came here for…
so we gon’ get into it

[verse 1]
i like my coffee black, wife, too
don’t turn this to no controversy, it’s my boo
i could make a quarter million off a high coupe
and i could make another quarter off, a times two
if it’s money on the table, i be on it like bobby or epic
you peep the aesthetic, it’s hard to forget it
i hear you talkin’, but you’re hardly right
i’m the voice of your prototype
mm, summertime in ny, (oooh-ooh) yeah
summertime in ny (yеah, it’s too cool, get the drop-tops out)
summertimе in ny (get the fits right, vowels was over here)
summertime in ny (ladies over here)
summertime in ny (you know how it goes, come on)

[verse 2]
i’m talkin’ 6 am, tea times
eighteen with the mayor talkin’ land banks
i waited for it, gotta get mine
snag a seat up at the table if my man can’t
headin’ to a meetin’ worth a million with no briefcase
just my mind in a free state
i gotta plan through, a vision, but it takes time
i’ma make mine!

summertime in ny, yeah
summertime in ny (yeah, you know the drill by now)
summertime in ny (get everything together, get your squad together, get the gang together)
summertime in ny, summertime in ny (you gon step like this, and step like that, step like this and step like that)

[verse 3]
started in a back office, now i run the front
call the shots, make the deals, know the deal; know what’s up
too much for the books and i put it in a tux
too much for the tuck, then i give it to my love
once i make a mil’, man, a meal won’t be enough
watch me fake the struggle while i get it off the hush
now it’s jet blue miles, rolex dials, frowns turn to smiles
summertime in ny (yeah, now as you come to an end)
summertime in ny (and the fall’s upon us, i want you to bring that energy to the summertime)
summertime in ny (and run that thing back)
yeah, yeah (until next year)
summertime in ny, ny, ny, summertime in ny (yeah, and we gone)