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letra de zealots ii - nativeboykta


[ verse 1: nativeboykta}
savior no jesus comin two
b-tch i am the king so you know i’m comin through
b-tch i’m buzzin b-tch i’m comin through
i’ll sacrifice the world let the demons runnin loose

b-tch you lookin like roadk!lll
i’m gon give you that old phil
i can never control will
let go of my own seal
big n-gga might grow uh
a n-gga might blow uh
without sellin my soul uh
not sellin my soul uh
that blade like woah uh
that bull like roja
stop sayin that god comin stop sayin jehovah
smite y’all n-ggas like moses
bite n-ggas like cobra
i bring the peace delete and you compete

i say you a bootl!ckin n-gga you a sheep
but what’s a couple drums bullets bussin to a beast
b-tch im crushin r-t-rdedly
burn bush in r-t-rdant heat
this world flushed in the toilet seat
i kno
this is the honest me
b-tch this ain’t the hardest me
angel step from the guardin
take one step in the garden
dog man get to the maulin
you can’t get to me honestly
can’t step on the property
can’t step when its all of us
white man in the sarcophagus

i kno
i know
ya dead
the hoes give in
and won’t repent
she’s stoned she dead
gomorrah the wh0res
get burned s’mores
in h-ll we beat sore
lgbt horror
and burn in h-ll
i raise demon fell
the feast they prevail
and weakness befell
on yo friends
yo fam
yo girl
yo man
i burn the land
i hurt i am

i curse won’t withstand all my angels commandments
that seal cannot hold em
i glow when i’m chantin
the chains cannot hold
the evil i’m granted the feeble will go
let the legion upland

{chorus: nativeboykta]
get out that bull way
six feet like no way
big fleet like norway
stop sayin thats your faith
stop sayin that god comin
stop sayin jehovah
stop playin that soft sh-t
f-ck n-gga it’s over x2