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letra de be a stoic - nathanology


you ever wonder what you’re supposed to be doing with your life?

and whether your current work meeting, consulting session, or conference presentation

has anything to do with that theoretical higher purpose?

i do

…and sometimes i get extremely depressed

and sometimes even enraged
other times i feel a tremendous rush of enthusiasm and elation

…and sometimes i try to be stoic

life can have some baggage — it’s all in how ya stow it

everything you have may get sn-tched away and stolen

the matter that you’re made of will be scattered like a stone when

it gets broken into sand. understand? be a stoic

the stoics were a sect among the romans and greeks

who said, yo, seek peace you emotional peeps!

everything’s a whole and you’re only a piece —

so don’t feel in a hole, or get overly pleased

for stoics conceived the world had a soul

universal coeternal with its motion and whole
so you should make it your goal to come know what your role is

and roll with its will. and be chill. be a stoic

it’s for fish to swim

it’s for clouds to rain

it’s for mountains to get ground down to grains

and it’s ours, with brains, when we’re crowned or pained

to not wild out but be down with change

be a stoic —even if you lose your purse

be a stoic — if you lose your whole person at worst

be a stoic — don’t be overjoyed or a jerk

your employer is the universe, you’re always at work

so if ever you’re hurt by the products of chance
just remember it’s the universes provident plans —

it’s your part in the dance that the planet’s ensouled with —

don’t be like d-mn! …just be a stoic

okay…i get what you’re saying —

don’t be emotional, and stay in your lane and

make the motions you’re supposed to make, and roll through — but hold it:

what if my emotions are my strength, o you stoics?

isn’t evolution powered by our pain and our bliss?

isn’t anguish at injustice and the angry raised fist

the only way we get our way, when haters make us insist?

— well now i’m getting p-ssed i’m not supposed to get p-ssed!

these stoics sound suspiciously like old white men —

the higher mind we’re supposed to follow kinda sounds like…them

take your place in the line — a hierarchical pattern —

when in rome — know your part — are you the slave or the master?

yeah, word:

it’s a cogent critique

and the slave role has rarely had

a moment to speak

— but if we take it more deep:

perhaps the roles you must seek

are the very goals and dreams

that make you wholly unique

you define your purpose

in the work of the universe

your it’s person — you decide on

what it’s pertinent

work is first

and sure it’s a job

but a vocation as well —

‘cause we’re all part of god

so we work for ourselves

and as far as i can tell

this is what the stoics teach us

from zeno to epictetus

seneca to aurelius —

even though we be mere dust

there’s meaning in being thus:

live for each other in peace

and receive what comes

stoic — even when you’ve lost your stuff

be a stoic — even when it’s not enough

when it all may come to naught and the odds are tough

be a stoic — do your job and your job is love

so if ever wonder what to do with your life

or whether there is such a thing as doing what’s right

know you’ll find it sight when the part that you go with

is part of the whole. play your role. be a stoic

…or don’t

but i’ve found it to be a helpful structure

when i’m in doubt

in anguish

or full of joy