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letra de blunt ashes - nas


[intro (nas):]
yo, i wonder if langston hughes and alex haley
got blazed before they told stories
i’m get blazed before i tell y’all stories
i saw on tv today, this man lost his son, his son died
so he had him cremated, took his ashes, and then made it to a diamond ring
now he watches his son shine everyday
i just thought about that, while i sit here ashing in this ash tray, yeah

[verse 1 (nas):]
the makin’ of a mad band
intricate stories of devante swing
ava gardner, the crashin’ of james dean
bobby brown influenced by rick james and it goes..
prince wanted alexander o’neal to be morris day or jerome
but alex was puttin’ c-ke in his nose, n-gg- whylin’
could be a myth but i swear that the source was close,
phyllis hyman killed herself, it was crazy, mommy was bad they say
donny hathaway free fall from a balcony, he swings

[hook (nas):]
as the blunt ash falls into the ash tray
i could see my whole life fly past me
did i… did i keep it gangsta or keep it cl-ssy?
and will the money and fame out last me?
the blunt’s ash falls down in the ash tray
will i see my whole life fly past me?
i’m askin’ did i keep it gangsta or keep it cl-ssy?
did i?.. anything else you wanna know, just wanna ask me?

[verse 2 (nas):]
sam trusted womack with his main lady
he tossin’ in the grave, like, “this is how you repay me?”
a change gon’ come, wish you didn’t trust me so much
marvin said “no mountain’s high enough, fly stuff”
david ruffin was punching tammi terrell, gave her concussions
while the funk brothers was layin’ down the percussion
when flo from the supremes died, diana ross cried
many people said that she was laughin’ inside

[hook (nas)]

[verse 3 (nas):]
john f. kennedy’s, enemies dealt with treachery
it interests me, judy campbell in gucci sandals
she’s what a temptress be
the death of ennis cosby, what a mystery
or the chicagoan harold washington
someone is sabotaging them
watch out for the traps
larry troutman killed his brother roger troutman
then he killed himself, that’s the end of zapp
and i wouldn’t change a thing, mistakes of the greats
this is what came from their pain
from their hurt we gain, an unfair exchange

[hook (nas)]

[outro (nas, over the hook):]
i could smell old bogey cigars
laureen bacall perfumes, smelling just as sweet, ha-ha
me and my wife k, flying in a drop-top like ruby and ossie davis baby
knaw’mean? yo, man. i get smoked out, and start thinkin’ about
hattie mcdaniel’s got a oscar, for playin’ mammy in ‘gone with the wind’
and she didn’t get allowed, wasn’t even allowed to go to the premiere
could you believe that? couldn’t go to premiers to her joint
tssk. man, you know they were strong back then man
blunt from my ash tray, nothin’ gon’ to live past me, yeah, yeah, yeah