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letra de i promise you - n2u


i promise you

never knew i found someone
so special to me
girl i can’t describe
the feeling that you give to me
take you around the world
show your my favorite girl
this feeling never gonna change phase

you’re all i think about
baby i wanna shout
you’re the only woman
that i ever dream about

i wanna settle down
never wanna frown
you make me feel like a real man

girl i promise you
i’ll be all i can be
you’re reaching everyting with me
cause i promise you
i’ll be the one
who cares that no one else is there but me
woman i promise you
i’ll be more then a man
one who understands you
all these things i say to you
baby girl i promise you

baby you know you had
the key to my heart
together you and me
a future we will start

so come around me girl
and lemme love you

baby i could be with you
for the rest of my days
until we grow old and grey

so come to me
i just wanna love you
place no one upon you

baby i…


baby won’t you stay with me a little while [x4]


baby won’t you stay with me a little while [til end]

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