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letra de 0 to 100 - n0va



from 0 to hero! i ain’t the first one to do it
2nd to none, but still grinding tryna prove sh-t
my 3rd eye blind to texts saying that this girl miss me
whipping around my 4 door mitsubishi
you lack the drive, i’m jackson 5
6 feet underground but the tracks survive
i’m tryna hit that 7 – 7 – 7
jackpots in the crackpots from felons
getting magic 8 b-lls, and you know i gotta sell em
sending em to cloud 9, the closest thing to heaven
lets all meet in the lobby between 10 and 11
with a 12 guage shotty, kevlar all on my body
mask on like it’s friday the 13th
i took 14 shots so i’m coming in with slurred speech
you can’t f-ck with me, like age of consent, i’m 15
bars in without breaking a sweat
spit a sweet sixteen like it’s my birthday
shake it up a 9.17 magnitude earthquake
i got bad att-tude like the a-team (18)
supply demand, never touch it cuz we stay clean
the first rhyme scheme i wrote i was nineteen
by twenty every track was a victim like i’m weinstein
my boy black jack totin’ em plenty guns
you at the mercy of the dealer like you hope its twenty one
rap dudes wear twotwo’s like ballerina’s
i’m the 23 of music i’m a rapping g*nius
i wish that i could do more (i wish, i wish)
that i don’t get distracted and drunk off a 2-4
look in the mirror like the 25th hour saying f-ck the world, f-ck the ones who hit the twin towers
i could’ve been a legend in my prime cemented
held back by 26k line of credit
no hendrix, cobain, winehouse, i made it past 27
with a whole lot left to f-cking grind out
guess i was never great, not till i can cop an ounce – 28
my few alb-ms got plenty hate
gave me max payne, like i’m holding out 2-9’s
before i hit 30, hit the billboard two times
i’m that homie that p-ssed in your capri sun
just to poison you and beating out the odds 3-to-1
i’m dat dirty dude blunted making thirty two hundred
per appearance and people never heard he do nothing?
black belt yeah i’m used to spar
big game 33 like abdul jabbar
i rule the bars, my music coming free-flow
time signatures, changing, doing it in ¾
these chicks love me for my dirty mind
from college students to hot milfs at 35
do the devils ritual’s like it’s three 6’s
tryna sell my soul already cuz i mean business
penthouse devils advocate remake
what’s the buzzcode to enter nova? 37-38
the cops keep hitting me dirty fines
at this rate ima still be in debt by 39
don’t pour too much, you wasting half of the 40
cutting you off and now you mad atchyo homies
ima drown you out for forty one seconds
mind over matter if i learned only one lesson
i can’t miss a beat or afford to (42)
like kanye i don’t give a f-ck who you give the award to
i don’t do widescreen, i’m in 4:3
i don’t do high speeds round the police
got yo b-tch here, working on her 4-4’s
sending out a group text, reaching out for more wh-r-s
i got 4 or 5 bottles left but who keeping count
got bars like a pus in a cyst, yo it’s leaking out
freaking out, cuz my pad crammed with four chicks
treat me like a joystick, nintendo, flip the 4-6
couldn’t tell if they were 4 dimes or 4-7’s
and 48 hours later i got more questions
i ain’t no pop star, that working for only minors
i want golden gates, hoping for 49ers
i ain’t ever cause a scene, never f-ck with 5-0
the law gon cut yo arms off like venus de milo
i got my shovel i’ll bury up anyone
or give you up to the aliens in area 51
yeah i’ll put 5 on it, give you my 2 cents
don’t be mad looking through her phone checking the nudes sent
i spit heat with this flow
i’m like curry hitting 5’ 3’s in the quarter with a season to blow
i got mvp and i ain’t even need it before, i did lsd the weekend before
i do it for my city tho
i can feel it in my bones, and i know i’m getting old but still working till i’m 54
do drive by’s and the address is five five brooklyn st –
then meet at the five guys, get me combo 5 – no 6
send no texts, emojis or hieroglyphs
my life playing out like a mafia biopic
in 57 years dying ill know dat my flow sick
came to rap bars//// be more than just a pretty face
survive 9 bullets and wonder what fifty ate (58)
my pride gone missing so i rely on writtens
waste my time with 59 auditions
why you sipping lean fore you hittin the stage?
gone in 60 seconds like nicolas cage
my plug don’t mess with what it should weigh
it’s gang sh-t , trust and respect in a hood way
i’m about 6”1 – 6”2 on a good day
bleed red/ and crip blue where hood hang
rhyming 63 times over easy beats
cruising down the street in a 6-4 like eazy-e
i got a sick mind, and yo girl love the d-ck fine
if i had to measure it in inches, its like 6’5
when i was younger ,never too great at math
rather take over the east with pen and paper pad
take route 66 like the grapes of wrath
and go westward bound and never face the past
as far back as time go, i was known to misbehave
virgin mary crying out her period pretty late
67 missed calls, stress add to my kidney weight
i was there for martin luther in ‘68
charlie manson summer of 69
didn’t break a sweat, flinch or even get misty eyed
helter skelter the revolutions in the 70’s
i found treasures in the depths of the seven seas
the rings ain’t mine till i get a game 7 won (71)
dirty player infamous like second son
no heavyweights, frazier don’t want these hands
i bet 72k that i rock these fans
73 joints got me sky high like a 747 – 5 air marshalls closing in with they hands on they weapons
every penstroke resulting in heavenly scriptures
score 100 like wilt with the 76ers
i’m rap’s new hope, star wars 77
freestyling in the front of the seven eleven
my ex tried to call me, 7 or 8 times
missing the d, the vibes, missing the great times
i’m tryna outlive my bloodline
box with cancer cells for 79 years – that’s a punchline
avoiding all these heartbreaks and 80-8’s
the 1 trapped in the past – trap sh-t ain’t so great
y’all don’t want no smoke , all i know are gang members
82 strong in my squad, you can’t hang with us
like big l, i live triple x and i got 3 eye’s
that’s 83 in roman numerals for you felines
p-ssy -ss b-tch, the type they never wait for
lemme hold my tongue, whats the point of all this hate for? (84)
i got so much drive, i struggle and i dug the dirt
you still settle on the 85 bus to work
ask me what i rep ? it’s straight 6 (86) till the death of me
number 87 way i’m diving for a penalty
it feel real my style it radiates
i can k!ll bill, hanzo and the crazy 88
hip hop was blessed when i was born in 89
now 90 billie jeans telling me the baby mine
annie are you okay? she be snitchin for the next visit
blackmail me and tryna clean up her debt limit
smooth criminal violent the next minute
she hit 9-1 stop her fore the next digit
not tryna get cops involved, i got priors
but its too late they got the call
if they ask me about the charges i’m denying two (92)
stash it in the safe and deny the truth
my new mixtapes never blow like c5
i meant c4, these numbers gave me a whole lot to rewind
never get any spins on flow 93. five
stop, breathe, achieve more with a free mind
driving a blacktop 94 caddy deville
money never been an issue till you add up yo bills
i’m 95% beast, 5% heat
this is just facts not a compliment seek
winning like its 96 – mj
errbody fall in love with what my pen say
lessons and blessings on itunes and spotify
waiting for hot 97 just to call the line
98 bombs dropping, i’m flexing all the time
99 problems too big for a condom size
i just keep it 100

i don’t give a f-ck