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letra de run that - n0tbdm


run that
run it
run that
run it aye
run it if you want it bust ya lip empty my clip we ride fast through the slums zip zip baby b-tch tinashe throw a fit talk sh-t we can fight l!ckety-split you a baby b-tch not in the mood to babysit you in my house now eat you up spit you out you f-ck like a hundred n-ggas just for clout time to see what you really bout been to juvie couple times you know i always break out yeah run that
yeah we run that pretty b-tch on the tip hand her my card like insert the chip hand on my glock keep that sh-t on grip finger on the trigger keep that on cl!ck i don’t go to class i got a pink slip she drop to her knees and unzips run that
we what we run that time to unpack you wanna talk sh-t catch this clap back hit you in the ribs hear that crack crack rob all you n-ggas now i got rack racks takе a couple l’s but i always bounce back knock yo ass out like im rocky ashy ass n-gga looking chalky 10-4 wе running walkie talkie murk yo ass like we playing ice hockey nice stockings no jocking yeah run that