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letra de 0 to 100 pt2 - murder mal


ima get a feature from you though

yo my mans, f-ck being on some rap sh-t
if this rap sh-t don’t work then i’m clapping
too many p-ssy boys here with the acting, it’s gon be a real good scene when i say action
too many n-ggas round here don’t know me, nope don’t bro me, i’m comimg for the throne b
and i don’t battle rap n-gga, i just rattle cats
hunter in this sh-t, just show me where the cattle at
get the whole squad to pull up in the cadillac
was watching the cyphers like “d-mn, i should be there”
i wasn’t feeling nothing, my n-gga, did ya hear clear?
if the government was in that sh-t boy, it’d be fair
king murder, f-ck a kendrick
ya don’t have to gas me up, i still blow up in a second, n-gga
50 shots turn ya j’s into red bottoms, top 5 get head, but n0body can top me
murder mal, the biggest burnout in the bronx, huh?
rookie to this sh-t but i’m feeling like a boss, bruh
you don’t really want the static cause i roast quick
get ya homies ok seats to see you murked kid
you an okc fan, well that’s all good
ima thunder on ya -ss even in ya own hood
f-ck around and take ya okc beanie
and if you feeling froggy, i’ma be like “okc me”
d-mn arson, i’m taking all them direct shots
ever since big died, i became raps step pops
that’s means all you n-ggas is my step sons, and if you ain’t feeling it, then know you could step son
what ya sucka’s gon do when i set it off?
dig yaselfs the hole cause you boys too f-cking soft
what’s a mob to a king and a king to a god?
coming at me is an automatic loss
yo, yo
f-ck jocelyn! i’m fighting whole teams like my name nate robinson
cause you can’t change the fact that i’m profiting
i’m so the sh-t, n-ggas around me is vomiting
and i got a plan for the riches, put the money in the safe, you getting fly for these b-tches
and my only question is why for these b-tches?
you could live out your life but you’ll die for these b-tches, boy
i don’t sell, but i still move weight boy
unknown n-gga getting plays in other states boy
yeah, yeah, i acknowledge it, second question be why am i not popping yet?
so that means ima have to go and start some sh-t
i’ll murder mooks more than mook murdered lux
on my old brandon jennings cause i’m all about the buck
and i’m top 5 in the bronx, matter fact, make that number one in new york